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An evocative songwriter, 
a lively yet dreamy beatboxer and
an introspective keyboard player 
blend their feelings into enchanting, 
atmospheric arrangements. 

A sincere, original sound 
that speaks directly to the heart 
like a call from beyond the sea…


Ylamar is a trio that was born in 2013 out of the collaboration between the singer songwriter Ilaria Lorefice (vocals and acoustic guitar), the vocalist and beatboxer Marco Forgione and the keyboarder Fabio Donatelli. 


Their original songs are performed by two voices working in perfect synergy, supported by  the chemistry of the vocal percussion and the acoustic guitar. The effect is enhanced by the captivating, embracing tones of keyboard and piano.  


Ylamar’s sound inherently contains an evocative message that attempts to talk directly with the human consciousness. The songs, written by Ilaria, are inspired by an  introspective analysis of emotions, brought out to be made good.  


On 17 July 2015 they issued their first official EP “Jumping in the Water”, consisting of four tracks, three in English and one in Italian. 


Their many concerts, where they performed their repertoire mostly made of original, unpublished songs, have always had a  powerful effect on the audiences, both at home in Italy and abroad, in France and the UK. Those audiences will soon have the chance to enjoy their unique sound once again, as the band is preparing the new 2017 summer tour. 


In February 2017 Ylamar signed with FIL1933, an indie label of Bergamo (Italy) and is  working on the first album release.

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Tour Dates

  • 19Jul'18

    Garçon, la note! Festival – Tournus Place Carnot 71700 Tournus

    venue Café de la Paix

    tickets Free

  • 18Jul'18

    Garçon, la note! Festival – Cosnes sur Loire 11, Rue Saint-Agnan 58200 Cosne-Course-sur-Loire

    venue Le Vieux Relais

    tickets Free

  • 17Jul'18

    Garçon, la note! Festival – Venoy 4, Rue des Huches

    venue L'Egriselles

    tickets Free

  • 23Jun'18

    Buskers Live Show Con Arisa, Michele Bravi, Soul System, Cado nello Specchio, Bandini, Amortex

    venue Vicolungo Style Outlet - Novara

    tickets Free

  • 03Jun'18

    Live @ Fior di Proloco

    venue Vicoforte (CN)

    tickets Free

  • 03Jun'18

    Live @ Birrovia Viale Vecchia Stazione, 4, 12100 Cuneo CN

    venue Birrovia

    tickets Free

  • 25May'18

    Live for Missione Barbulloje

    venue Cinema Aurora - Savigliano (CN)

    tickets 5€ - 10€

    buy tickets

  • 03Apr'18

    Lorenzo Live 2018 – Opening Act Apertura concerto di Torino al Pala Alpitour

    venue Pala Alpitour (Torino)

    tickets From 49,45 €

    buy tickets

  • 09Feb'18

    Casa Sanremo – Fiat Music

    venue Palafiori Sanremo (IM)

    tickets Free

  • 15Dec'17

    Live Concert Autismo Help - Serata Benefica

    venue Teatro Baretti - Mondovì (CN)

    tickets Free

  • 09Dec'17

    Live Concert Intero €7 -  Ridotto €5* *ridotti sotto i 15 anni, dai 65 anni in poi, +eventicard; Per info: 331.8628359 (attivo il giorno dello spettacolo) Con il Patrocinio del comune di Bagnolo Piemonte, assessorato alla cultura

    venue Teatro Silvio Pellico - Bagnolo P.te (CN)

    tickets 7€

    buy tickets

  • 07Dec'17

    Roxy Bar con Red Ronnie, Umberto Tozzi, Enrico Ruggeri e i Decibel, Gianni Fantoni

    venue Teatro Ariston - Sanremo (IM)

    tickets Free

  • 10Nov'17

    Live @ MondoJuve Str. Debouchè, 10042 Nichelino TO

    venue Centro Commerciale MondoJuve - Nichelino (TO)

    tickets Free

  • 16Sep'17

    Collett Festival Opening Toploader

    venue Shepton Mallet (UK)

    tickets 10£

    buy tickets

  • 09Sep'17

    Arena 45 – Fiat Music Via Postiglione, 1 Moncalieri (TO)

    venue 45° Nord Moncalieri

    tickets Free

  • 26Aug'17

    Suoni dal Monviso

    venue Pagno (CN)

    tickets Free

  • 04Aug'17

    Festival Musica Contemporanea

    venue Teatro Romano - Acqui Terme (AT)

    tickets n.a.

  • 21Jul'17

    Les Estivales Place de l'ours

    venue Villar de Lans (FR)

    tickets Free

  • 12Jul'17

    Garçon la note Festival

    venue Nevers (FR)

    tickets Free

  • 11Jul'17

    Garçon la note Festival 5 Rue Mazagran, 71400 Autun, Francia

    venue L'Irish Pub - Autun (FR)

    tickets Free

  • 10Jul'17

    L’Illustré 8, Rue Champeaux 10000

    venue Troyes (FR)

    tickets Free

  • 08Jul'17

    Epicerie Culturelle Festival tournée 3 en Beaujolais pour l'épicerie culturelle

    venue Beaujolais - Lyon

    tickets Free

  • 07Jul'17

    Epicerie Culturelle Festival tournée 2 en Beaujolais pour l'épicerie culturelle

    venue Beaujolais - Lyon

    tickets Free

  • 06Jul'17

    Epicerie Culturelle Festival tournée 1 en Beaujolais pour l'épicerie culturelle

    venue Beaujolais - Lyon

    tickets Free

  • 04Jul'17

    Garçon la note Festival 8 Place de la République, 89100 Sens (FR)

    venue Restaurant du Palais et de l'Assiette - Sens (FR)

    tickets Free

  • 25Jun'17

    Hollywood Pub

    venue Vigliano Biellese (BI)

    tickets Free

  • 17Jun'17

    Roero Summer Festival

    venue P.zza Roma - Monteu Roero (CN)

    tickets Free

  • 15Jun'17

    Hard Rock Cafè

    venue Nice (FR)

    tickets Free

  • 14Jun'17

    La Rascasse

    venue Monte Carlo (MC)

    tickets Free

  • 04Jun'17

    The Bath Brew House

    venue Bath (UK)

    tickets Free

  • 03Jun'17

    Opening Red Sky July Opening act of the English bands Safehaus and Red Sky July at the prestigious Cedars Hall.

    venue Cedars Hall - Wells (UK)

    tickets £15.00

    buy tickets

  • 01Jun'17

    Hawthorns On stage at Hawthorns Hotel

    venue Hawthorns - Glastonbury (UK)

    tickets Free

  • 21May'17

    Scintilla Festival Benefit party for Cascina Arzilla

    venue Cascina Arzilla - Volvera (TO)

    tickets Free

  • 10May'17

    Bar Barolo

    venue Bar Barolo - Monforte d'Alba (CN)

    tickets Free

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