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Ylamar is a trio that was born in 2013 out of the collaboration between Songwriter Ilaria Lorefice (vocals and acoustic guitar), Marco Forgione (vocals and beatbox) and Fabio Donatelli (keyboards).

Their arrangements, combining English and Italian songwriting with the vocal percussion of the beatbox, are performed by two voices working in perfect synergy. The effect is enhanced by the captivating, evocative tones of keyboard and piano.

The meeting between these two voices is anything but a chance encounter: as members of the international a capella group, the Albert Hera Quintet, (soprano and tenor respectively) Ilaria and Marco have worked together for many years, ranging over vocal improvisation, crossover jazz and world music.

Ylamar started out by winning Tavarock 2014 and they were awarded the right to open for Francesco Sarcina (ex Vibrazioni) in Tavagnasco (Turin). On 17 July 2015, after two years of experimentation and live performances in Turin, and busking around the streets of Italy, they issued their first official EP, Jumping in the Water. With their first single in Italian, La Valigia, they won the national competition, Fatti Contagiare!, announced by Partycillina, and opened for Max Gazzè at the Flowers Festival in Collegno (Turin).

In May of 2016, with numerous engagements in Italian venues already to their credit, they flew to the UK to take part in Folked Up!, a musical event in London. In July, their fame spread to France, through a solo tour by their singer/songwriter.

During the summer of 2016, after a well-received performance in Silent Concert at the Miscela Rock Festival in Ivrea (Turin), Ylamar were invited to participate in the prestigious Italian Festival Collisioni. Against the splendid backdrop of the Langhe Piemontesi, they won the hearts of the large crowd.

Their single Jumping in the Water forms the sound track of the San Giorgio International Exhibition of Photography in Albenga. They became music partners of the Exhibition in 2016 and performed at the inaugural evening in the splendid Piazza San Michele in Albenga.

Live performance is the great strength of Ylamar. Thanks to their abundant energy and their consummate command of their respective instruments, as well as the originality of their arrangements, they manage to excite and entrance their audiences.

Alessandro Lia, the sound engineer who has been following the band personally for more than a year, contributes by giving an even more individual feel to the sound of the band, delicately accompanying the listener into the mellow depths of their sound.

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